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Redemption Center

India's first online REDEEM CODE purchase center for battleground based games like PUBG MOBLE, CALL OF DUTY MOBILE ,GARENA FREE FIRE. Our app provides direct purchase of Ingame products like skins & game pass(Royal pass) for low price.

You can download our android app to play games in your android mobile .

Our Features

Direct Reedem Feature

We send redeemption code to your game account to ensure the success Redemption

Reedem Code Protection

The reedem code that user get via our app is secured and end-to-end encrypted

Unique Reedem Code

We provide unique reedem code for each user based on their reedem requset in our app

100% Guarantee

Our assured network provides the 100% working redeem codes in our app based on user redemption


Reedem code free giveaway for users based on our app redemption history in our app

Secured Wallet

User's virtual wallet is secured with high priority and encrypted authenciation in app.

Easy to use

We designed simple and powerfull interface that helps to users get their redemption code for expected game product .

  • Signin with mobile verification
  • Spicific search for each games
  • Easy pay with REDIX Wallet

Power up your gaming dreams

Our application have the redeemption codes for earlier skins of game , so users who missed the skin while the game event can easily get the skins for same price .

  • Enhanced REDEEM CODE managment
  • No worries about missed game events
  • REEDEM CODES available for low, medium, high prices

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